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02 February 2006 @ 08:02 pm
Chapter Seven! At Last! No, really!  
[The scene opens in the Tendou home, Ranma and Shampoo the camera's focus.]

Ranma rushes to Shampoo and grabs her melodramatically. "Oh, Shampoo! I’m such a fool! I don’t know why I didn’t see it sooner! I don't love Akane, I love you. Marry me!"

Shampoo crosses her arms and sniffs as she looks away. "Shampoo no love Ranma. Shampoo have new fiancé now!"

Wolverine comes into the scene to stand next to Shampoo. He nods unenthusiastically to Ranma. "Heya, bub."

Ranma blinks, a sweatdrop falling off the side of his head. Then his face turns arrogant. "You’ve got to be kidding me."

Shampoo shakes her head coldly. "No kid, Ranma. Shampoo have heart for only one man!" She embraces Wolverine. "Wo ai ni!"

Ranma starts to look genuinely concerned. "No, this... this can't be..." He begins hectically looking around her person. "I don’t see any upside-down jewel."

Shampoo, still locked onto Wolverine, nods. "That right, Ranma. Shampoo no need jewel to hate stupid guy." She raises her chin in the air.

Ranma balks. "But... but..."

Suddenly, a loud drumming is heard in the distance getting louder and louder... and then the Energizer Bunny bangs his little drum as he skates across the screen.

The announcer’s voice can be heard over the voices and drums, "The Energizer Bunny just keeps going and going and going..."

[/commercial break]

Fight One: Shingo vs. Shin!Dan! *Points up* Okay, that Energizer Bunny thing? Yeah, it had a point. Let me explain why, though very random, why it applies! WHOO.

The Energizer Bunny is funny because he jumps in the middle of things. He mocks things with his monkey pants, or, well, his drum set. Shin!Dan... just keeps going and going and oh for the love of the gods someone bring back the old Dan! *Shakes Dan* Wake up, damn you! WAKE UP! If you continue to act this way I will have to give you Orochi’s old job of making me eggs! ... Though right now I’m rather in the mood for a blueberry muffin. *Snaps fingers* Okay, Shin!Dan! Step to it! *Snap snap* You can stop being my bitch when you get back to normal.

Fight Two: Washuu (in Nuenzehn) vs. Togura! ... You remember that Energizer Bunny scenario that, well, keeps coming up and coming up and... yeah. Well, it’s not my fault really. But that's how I felt yet again. Another fight where the opponent just won't FALL DOWN. Like a wack-a-mole, but without the fun of getting tickets to buy candy, bouncy balls, or those nifty little parachute guys. I did enjoy this fight much better than the first though. Maybe it's because I like Washuu. Maybe it's because Washuu was driving a German machine... I’m assuming this was her 19th mecha creation? *Shrug* Or maybe I'm mostly just happy Washuu finally won a match. But still, the coming and coming must STOP before I go bat-nuts crazy!

Fight Three: Iori vs. Ranma! Well... the Ranma beating up Iori as he was growling at Tarou was good. And considering how annoyed at Tarou commenting every five seconds, I was rather glad someone was. ... Too bad Ranma wasn't actually doing the damage to him though. Alas. Though perhaps since Ranma was in a different tense than Tarou there for a moment, it made it impossible for them to physically connect... with fighting. *Cough* The fighting was okay. I guess I just... well, I’ll get to that at the end of my review.

And on an entirely different note...

*HISSES AT TIFA* I can even feel my fur going straight up here.

Fight Four: Sephiroth vs. Eva-01! I’d of said Shinji, but, well, he was there, but not really. In effect, I’m not really sure if I’d count this as a fight, but eh. Shinji lost, but not in a satisfying DIE way. And so
I am left unsatisfied. ... And then he got possessed. *Sigh* What is UP with that? Can people not go five minutes in this Ultra thing without hailing to the almighty Exorcist? I mean, I suppose I can’t complain too much since maybe I’ll stop killing Shinji in my head every five seconds, but ugh. UGH, I say!

Side notes:

* That scene where Ranma gets interviewed and all these Ultra people start coming out to ruin it? Lovely. I was amused.

* Did I mention I hate Tifa? And that I want her dead? And that Felicia should scratch her face till it scarred? Okay, just checking.

All in all... it was okay. There were some great ADD scenes in there, and the author was amusing when he put in his own voice there a couple of times. But... well... it really wasn't anything to write home about. It happened. I was there. But everything was... eh. Which, sure, isn't awful or anything, but it just wasn't memorable. It wasn’t funny too often, but it wasn't all-out boring. It was... Well, it was like eating chocolate chip ice cream. It's an all right flavor, but I wouldn’t likely eat it unless it was offered at a birthday party.

Rating: Five Possessed!Aerith’s wacking Tifa over the head with a stick.
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