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ultraproject's Journal

The Ultra Project
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Mission Statement

The Ultra Project is a public pledge of commitment towards the completion of the final two chapters of Magical Troubleshooting Crossover Fighting Federation Ultra.

MTCFF Ultra was roundrobin crossover fanfiction at its greatest... or worst, considering who you were talking to. The final two chapters have been stagnant for a period of years now. Unfinished. Incomplete. This is the beginning of the end of all that. *Insert dramatic music here* Here, coldfury and ifritah will begin the long process of rereading Ultra (or in ifritah's case, reading Ultra) so that the final chapters can be written.

In this community we will read and review EVERY single chapter of Ultra for both your entertainment and as a public show of commitment and progress. This community will be updated every Sunday through the review process and during coldfury's outlining and writing stages. ifritah's purpose for being here is to not only force coldfury to get his ass into writing gear so she can stop hearing about it, but also... so she can stop hearing about it. She will also assist with both editing and plotting... but don't blame her if it sucks (this is still coldfury's baby).

So, we hope you enjoy the review and catch-up process, and we'll see you every Sunday! (WHOO.)